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Worldwide Suppliers of Punctureproof Tyre Sealant
Tel: +353 (85) 2299400
Text: 00353852299400
Email: punctureproof@gmail.com

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Punctureproof tyre sealant has been tested by the regulatory bodies and approved for use in all pneumatic tyres ,
on a worldwide basis ( only one to have this status) .
No approval , means your vehicle is not covered by insurance
If in doubt consult your insurer

Due to high customer demand, we have an urgent need for franchisees and distributors in Australia and New Zealand. Our products are currently not sold in these markets.


Welcome to PunctureProof Tyres Ltd.

PunctureProof Tyres Ltd., is manufacturer and distributor of the universal tyre sealant product. We are a registered company that trades worldwide and are now offering auto franchise opportunities.
  • Franchises opportunities in Asia upon request
  • Franchises opportunities in Australia, New Zealand, USA and other countries upon request
  • Master licence packages for countries world wide.
  • Conforms and adheres to high standards of work and training ethics.
  • Reduce fuel consumption (more miles per gallon) & increase tyre life.
  • Wordwide Approved for use in ALL pnematic tyres.
  • Extra Fuel Saving - reduced rolling resistance
  • Added Safety - enhanced braking, better steering contol, improved wet grip
  • Longer Lasting - slower rates ensure better value for money
  • Total Satisfaction - ride comfort, noise reduction, better handling, better steering response
In a recent survey, 90% of properly franchised businesses succeeded (not just, someone calling themselves a franchise), where as 90% of non franchised businesses failed.

PunctureProof Tyres Ltd. is the world leader in puncture and tyre protection. We guarantee for all tyres, that they will not lose pressure or get a puncture. We give a written Guarantee (via, the invoice issued by the Franchisee) for every installation. This means safer tyres, no more punctures and eliminate the need for puncture repair. Read More.....

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